A Note About our “Tribe”

We wanted to post a note about our “Isla Tribe” and how we intend to serve those members. We hope this will help illustrate to you in more detail what it is we’re about, what our goals are, and what we hope to achieve. This will continue to be an on-going process, we’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, but one thing is certain – we’re glad to have you join us.


Isla’s “Tribe” would be described as those who are interested in the Polynesian cultures, dances and arts. Our tribe members don’t have to be Islanders or Polynesian themselves necessarily, but they must possess a genuine appreciation and respect of what it is we’re doing and what we represent.

100_0503Our Tribe would then be divided into the following “sub-groups:” Dancers, who are interested in dancing with us; Students, who are interested in learning what we can teach; and Cultural Enthusiasts, who are interested in what we are sharing, and perhaps even purchasing our products and services. There may be some “overlap” between the different sub-groups.

For those interested in Polynesian dancing with us and becoming a part of our group, having a true, cultural connection does help navigate through various cultural subtleties, however if one is humble enough to recognize and understand that there are differences, they can come from any background.

Active participants (dancers, students) of our Tribe must also live and exude the “Aloha spirit” – this is a must. We are not keen on drama or “pilikia” (trouble) of any kind, almost to the point of zero tolerance. This venture is also a means to perpetuate our Islander roots and cultures to the next generation(s), our na keiki (children).

As leaders of this Tribe, we must lead by example and always strive to show the young ones to always have aloha, compassion, tolerance, and to keep an open, curious mind.


Hibiscus on Pinterest
Hibiscus on Pinterest

We choose to focus on serving this particular group of people, because we ourselves belong to this Tribe. We too are Dancers, Students, and Cultural Enthusiasts on our own journeys to be active and involved in our communities, and to perpetuate our Islander cultures. The farther we are away from “home” the harder it is to stay connected to our roots, and therefore we strive to strengthen and maintain that connection not only for ourselves but for others in our local communities.

We hope that in sharing what we’re doing and experiencing, we’re also providing valuable information, and products & services that are of interest and are unique. While there are a plethora of Polynesian dance groups throughout the DFW metroplex (and Texas overall), we strive to differentiate ourselves, in part by focusing on the positive, the good – the aloha. 


We want people to think of this blog and our online home as interesting and informative, and we want people to leave here feeling upbeat, positive and full of aloha.

By spreading and encouraging aloha the best ways we know how, we can only hope that will prompt others who consume our content to do the same.

Mahalo nui loa!