Cultural Awareness

One of our goals with Isla Dance Company, is to increase cultural awareness and education of the various Polynesian and Pacific Island cultures which we represent.

59332_146471665393060_100000906826753_222090_8382663_nIn addition to the various classes and workshops that we host, we also love to visit local schools to talk to children about the different Pacific Islander cultures, and share their various art forms (usually during Asian-Pacific Heritage Month every May). This is a fun and engaging way to introduce and spark interest in the younger generations, who may not have any exposure otherwise, and we firmly believe it is through promoting this type of awareness and education that we can help perpetuate our cultures and keep them alive for many years to come.

Each school visit program is tailored to that specific school, age demographic(s), and group size; and is coordinated with school administrator(s) to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all involved. We are also available to host one-day “camps” during the summer months at your educational institution.

If you or someone at your school is interested in having our group come to your school for such a visit, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us – we’d love to hear from you!


Community Support

Isla Dance Company is heavily-involved and engaged in the Texas Polynesian community, as it is equally important to us to continually support that community, it’s other members, and organizations any way we possibly can. This involvement includes (and of course is not limited to) performances at local festivals and donations to charitable events.

If you are interested in including us in your next event, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.