Painting & Mai Tai’s Recap

Aloha! For our first event of 2016, we decided we wanted to do something a little different – Painting & Mai Tais! Our event was held in March and was a great success!

We were so excited in the lead-up to the event and greatly appreciate everyone who showed up to spend a Saturday evening with us. We met some new faces, ate some ‘ono (delicious) food, had some good laughs, and overall just had a fabulous time!

The group was led in painting a tropical sunset with palm tree silhouettes – we figured with just a few colors in the background, with darker/black tones for the palm tree silhouettes in the foreground, it would be “doable” for everyone who attended. (And it was!) Everyone did an amazing job with their paintings! We also provided stencils of hula dancers just in case anyone wanted to add a dancing wahine to their painting. 😉

Here is the teacher’s (Nohea’s) table with the picture that would be our inspiration for the night:

Picture 019

This is one of our refreshment tables – in addition to Mai Tai’s we also had Coconut Lemonade, and shave ice! For pupus, there were pulled pork sliders, brie & fruit tarts, mini Bundt cakes, fresh fruit and more.

Picture 020

Before the group got started, Nohea explained the processes that the group would go through from start to finish.

Picture 022

Getting started on the background colors of the sunset!

Picture 029

Here is hula sistah Hoku and braddah Ka’imi sharing a laugh!

Picture 035

This group of ladies were a fun bunch! They all created very unique paintings, all of which turned out beautifully!

Picture 036

Aloha! Two new faces, we were so glad they could join us!

Picture 037

Hula sistah Hoku sharing a laugh with our very own Ka’oi!

Picture 038

Here’s Nohea working on the palm tree silhouettes.

Picture 041

Aunty Lorraine working on her palm trees as well!

Picture 043

Love the hula dancer silhouette!

Picture 045

Everyone concentrating and working hard on their paintings!

Picture 046

Palm fronds are probably one of the more “tedious” things to paint! It is best to paint each frond as one brush stroke.

Picture 048

Nohea sharing a laugh with Aunty Pu’uwai!

Picture 050

Nohea showing Aunty Pu’uwai that using a fine-tipped brush for the palm fronds creates a nice effect.

Picture 051

One of the tables with their finished paintings. Looks wonderful ladies! And we love the green grass skirts on the hula dancer silhouettes!

Picture 060

Another table with their finished pieces. We love how they made their paintings “their own!”

Picture 063

More finished paintings!! We just absolutely love how everyone’s painting was different and unique from the next.

Picture 065

Nice work ladies!

Picture 067

Ka’imi and Hoku had the awesome idea of creating their paintings in such a way that they could be framed together as one long piece. We love it!

Picture 073

Here is a shot of the entire group with their finished paintings.

Picture 069

We had such a great time and can’t wait to do it again!